Shiloh’s Birthday and J-P Pregnancy News

I have been without a computer for the majority of the past month, so I was unable to update. Since that happened, two very important Jolie-Pitt related news items have occured. First and foremost, I want to wish a belated happy 2nd birthday to the littlest Jolie-Pitt, Shiloh! Shiloh won’t be the littlest Jolie-Pitt for long, though, which brings me to the second piece of news. Practically the whole world knows this by now, but I can’t resist posting it anyway: Rumors have been swirling ever since the pregnancy rumors themselves were flying that Angelina and Brad are actually expecting twins. At the Cannes Film Festival, Angie’s “Kung Fu Panda” costar Jack Black accidentally (much to his mortification, he revealed later on) blurted out that in this case, the rumors are, in fact, TRUE!! Angie’s costar Dustin Hoffman has also revealed that the babies are due on August 19th. Being twins usually come early, however, it is likely that she will deliver in July.

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