My Thoughts On The J-P Twins

When I first created this blog, I quickly decided that I wouldn’t editorilize. However, just this once, I’m going to make an exception. I would like to share my experience with finding out that Knox and Vivienne had been born, along with a few other thoughts about them. Around midnight on Sunday, July 13, I accidentally stumbled across a post on some website (I don’t remember exactly which one) that the twins had been born. At that point, it was just a rumor, especially since a spokesperson for the hospital had said earlier that the report about the births was “incorrect information” (given the approxamite time this statement was given and the time the twins were born, I strongly suspect that, at the time of the statement, the twins had, in fact, not yet been born!).

I spent the next few hours scouring the Internet for more information and, ideally, a confirmation (I was very skeptical in the beginning, as it had been rumored back in late May that Angie had had the twins…and names had even been reported. They were supposably both girls, named Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane). I nearly drove myself crazy in the process! Finally I came upon something interesting in the comments of a post about the rumroed births on E!Online: Apparently, just as s/he had done when Shiloh was born, Angie’s lawyer had snapped up just about every possible domain name with “Knox” and/or “Vivienne” in it. I quickly went to, where you can look up a domain name and see who owns it. I looked up both “” and “”, and discovered that they had indeed been bought by Angie’s lawyer.

I knew that there was almost zero chance that some one could have faked that, but yet I still, for some reason, could not belive the report of the birth 100 percent. I then went to PEOPLE Magazine’s website (I knew that, if the report was true, they’d post it even at that late/early hour, since they post breaking news like that no matter what time of day or night it is!)….and must have hit “refresh” about ten million times! Finally, around 2:30 a.m., PEOPLE posted it. I am not kidding, I actually breathed a sigh of relief! Finally all of those false rumors could come to an end, finally the speculation of why Angie had been admitted to the hospital a few weeks prior could stop, and finally I knew, with 100 percent certainty, that the J-P twins had arrived!

I was a bit surprised to hear that Angie had had a boy and a girl, as all the tabs had been reporting she was expecting twin girls (not that I usually believe the tabs, but when all of them are reporting the same thing, you can’t help but get a little suspicious!). I will admit, I had even hoped they would have twin girls (especially since Brad once made a comment about wanting “a house-full of girls”). However, as soon as I heard the news, I became just as excited as everyone else to see what Angie and Brad’s first (and very likely only) biological son looks like (not that I don’t think Maddox and Pax are adorable!).

I was both surprised and not surprised by the names. “Knox” didn’t surprise me at all, as it fits very well with “Maddox” and “Pax”, and just sounds, IMO, like a name Angie and Brad would use. The middle name “Leon” didn’t surprise me either, as Angie and Brad have given all of their kids names that can work as last names should they want to drop Jolie-Pitt from their name once they get older (just as Angie’s own parents gave her and her brother James middle names that would work as last names if they ended up deciding to drop Voight from their name….Which they both did.): Chivian, Thien, Marley, and Nouvel. Leon fit perfectly with that theme. The middle name “Marcheline” surprised me a little, as though I fully expected that to be incorportad into the girl’s name somehow (as it was Angie’s beloved mother’s name), it didn’t strike me as being able to be a last name right away. However, now I have realized that I can see it as a last name. The name that surprise me the most was “Vivienne”, as it seemed much more “normal” than the names Angie and Brad have given their other kids. However, I then found out that the name Vivienne means “live”. Therefore, Vivienne’s full name quite literally means “Live Marcheline (Marcheline has no specific meaning, as Angie’s mother created it by combinding her given names, Marcia and Lynn)”. What a sweet tribute to Angie’s mother! Knox and Leon are family names as well, Knox being the name of Brad’s grandfather and Leon being the name of one of Angie’s great-great grandfathers.

To wrap this up, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait to see Knox and Vivi’s first photos! 

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