Jolie-Pitt Twins’ Debut: Setting Things Straight

After reading the interview accompanying Knox and Viv’s first photoshoot, I’d like to clear a few things up:

1. Angie and Brad did NOT use IVF to concieve the twins as has been reported. Angie said that, if that had been the case “we’d have been happy to discuss it” but that “happily, we have never had any fertility problems”.

2. I was a bit incorrect about where the twins’ names came from. Knox IS named after Brad’s grandfather, and obviously Viv’s middle name of Marcheline is after Angie’s beloved mother. However, Leon apparently wasn’t chosen because it was Angie’s great-grandfather’s name (It’s possible that the report of her having a great-grandfather with that name wasn’t even true to begin with), but because, as Brad says, “It is a classic French name”. As for Vivienne? It just “came” to Angie and Brad early in the pregnancy. “She’s always been Viv,” Brad explained.

3. Those reports about Shi being jealouse of her new siblings and having terrible tantrums because of that? Bogus! “Z and Shi are like little mommies to the twins. They pick out their clothes and help feed them,” Angie shared, adding that “Shi calls them her babies”.

4. Just as she did with Shi, Angie is breastfeeding Knox and Viv. They feed “every three hours” says their proud mommy.

Source: PEOPLE

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