Angie on “mom dolls”, Knox and Viv, and Maddox’s Explanation of Adoption!

Angie has been doing the media rounds again, this time for the DVD release of Kung Fu Panda. Opening up even more about how it was Brad who convinced her to get pregnant, she admitted that, before Brad came along, she wasn’t sure she would “ever be comfortable with getting pregnant”. “I just thought there were so many children in the world I never felt I needed to create a life,” she explained. However, things changed when she met Brad. The proud mom of six commented that “I was thinking of only adoptive children, but he saw a big family mixed with adoptive and born children. And I ended up falling in love with a man who I think was destined to have children and suddenly one day it felt right and there it was.”

Angie also explained that adoption is something that is celebrated in the Jolie-Pitt household. “We talk about orphanages, we talk about their countries and differences, and it’s a source of excitement and pride,” she said. She then shared a very cute quote made by Maddox, who was discussing pregnancy and adoption with Zee: “No, Zee, remember, you were in that nice African woman’s belly. I was in that nice Cambodian woman.” As for the question everyone’s been asking: Will the Jolie-Pitts adopt again? Angie confirmed that “Most likely we’ll adopt again.” She also reititerated that she and Brad bring new children into the family only when the others are ready by saying  “As we layer them in, with two new ones, we’re watching that balance, that shape and form, and once we feel that’s solid, we’ll know when it’s time to bring in another.

The topic of Angie’s photos in this month’s issue of W Magazine, which were taken by Brad himself, also came up in the interview. While there has been controversy over the cover, which depicts Angie breastfeeding one of the twins, Angie explained that, in fact, they actually ended up toning things down a bit! “We’d look at the pictures as art and say this is a really interesting photograph, but then we’d know better and we’d think about how it was going to be received. So we made it a little more tame than it was originally,” she explained.

The Jolie-Pitt kids love their mom’s character Tigress in Kung Fu Panda. In fact, they have several Tigress dolls, which they call “mom dolls”! “They have mom dolls everywhere. They have the Tigress. They love Tigress. They have a big Tigress doll that they keep putting diapers on!” Angie shared. She also talked about the newest members of the family, Knox and Viv. “They are starting to get very smiley and they are at those months where their personalities really start to shine. So it is very fun.” she shared. 

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