2008: The Jolie-Pitt’s Year in Review

What better way to kick off this new version of Jolie-Pitt Resource than a look back at their busy, event-filled 2008!  The Jolie-Pitt clan rang in the new year in New Orleans, and Zahara celebrated her third birthday exactly one week later. From there, the family’s year quickly became filled with all sorts of exciting events. Click on the “more” tage to see some of them!


The SAG Awards

On January 27th, Angie and Brad attended the SAG Awards. Although Angie has often been called “the most beautiful woman in the world”, for once everyone’s eyes were not on her face. Instead, they were on her mid-section. Angie, who normally wears very form-fitting clothes to red carpet events, chose a very unchareteristic, flowy dress for the SAG Awards. That and the fact that virtually all of the tabs were reporting that she was pregnant again made people ask that classic question: “Is she, or isn’t she?” She also was apparently seen drinking only water at the afterparty, which fueled speculation even further. The fact that Brad commented back in September of 2007 that they were ready for a fifth child didn’t exactly help squash the rumors, either! Also on everyone’s mind: If she WAS pregnant, was it with one baby, or, like the tabs were reporting, two?


The Independent Spirit Awards

Angie and Brad put the pregnancy question to rest when they attended the Independent Spirit Awards on February 23. The couple did not even need to say a word, as Angie’s belly answered the question load and clear: Yes, another Jolie-Pitt was definitetly on the way! Naturally, with that question answered, the speculation turned to whether or not she was expecting twins, as well as the fun stuff, such as “Will this baby look like Shiloh?”, “Will this baby look more like Angie since Shiloh looks more like Brad?”, and, of course, “Will it be a boy? Or will it be a girl?” along with “What name will they choose?”


Jack Black Spills the Beans!

While at the Cannes Film Festival in May, Angie and her costar Jack Black were interviewed for their new movie, Kung Fu Panda. Jack quipped to Angie, “You’re going to have as many as the Brady bunch when you have these,” thinking it was common knowledge that Angie was having twins. The poor guy was mortified when he realized he’d actually just announced, to the entire world, that the twin rumors were true! Angie told him it was alright, and later assured the media that her and Brad having twins wasn’t supposed to be a big secret, and that she’d have said yes if asked directly. Shortly thereafter, the media went so “Brangelina Twins crazy”, that Entertainment Tonight announced in late May that Angie had given birth to twin girls named Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane. Brad’s rep quickly denied the report…But ET was insistent, even after it was revealed that they had been mis-lead by someone impersonating Angie’s assistant. They did eventually issue a correction and an apology, but even so, I get the feeling they’ll never quite live that one down! Even after the rep’s denial, ET’s correction and apology, and it becoming fairly obvious that Angie hadn’t given birth yet, some people still believed the false reports. A few “media” sources even went so far as to say Angie had indeed given birth in May…and was now wearing a prosthetic bump while the babies (who would have been about three months premature if the reports were true) were being secretly cared for at a French hospital. Talk about ridiculious! Pulling a big stunt like that is definitely NOT her style (or Brad’s, for that matter)!


Welcome Knox and Vivienne!

On July 1, Angelina was admitted to the Foundation Lenval Hospital in Nice, France. Naturally, people immeditely assumed that she was there to give birh to the twins. However, Angie’s doctor quickly explained to the media that Angie was just there for routinue monitoring, and would likely stay until the birth of the twins, but that they weren’t expected in the immedite future. Brad later revealed that the hospitalization was indeed just a precautionary measure, due to her previous C-section with Shiloh. The world then waited with baited breath for news of the births. Finally, on July 12, 2008, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline made their grand entrance into the world. Knox was born at 6: 27 p.m. and weighed in at 5.3lbs, while Vivienne was born one minute later, at 6:28 p.m., and weighed in at 5lbs even. The babies and their mother remained in the hospital for one week (presumably so the babies could gain some weight, and because, as Angie later revealed, they were indeed born a bit prematurely). They joined their siblings at home on July 19th. Thanfully, Angie, Brad, and the babies were able to slip out of the hospital without the paps noticing!

Jolie-Pitt Kid Number 7?

In October, Angie answered the one question everyone was asking since the birth of Knox and Viv: “Will the family keep growing?” In an Interview on the Today Show, Angie confirmed that they are planning to adopt again, but that it won’t be in the immedite future as you can’t even start the process until any new children are six months old (see video below). Knox and Viv will be six months old next month, but even if Angie and Brad apply for adoption then, most foregin adoptions take close to a year to complete. Therefore, Jolie-Pitt kid number 7 likely won’t join the brood until late 2009.