Who Is This?: Answer

I have decided to introduce a weekly game here on Jolie-Pitt Resource. I will show you a not-so-well known photo (such as a baby picture of Angelina or Brad, or a photo of one of their parents or siblings)  of someone in the J-P family, and you will then get to vote on who you think the picture is of. On Fridays I will post the answer, and on Mondays I will post the next photo. On occasion, we will have a “Special Edition Who Is This?” in which I will show you a side-by-side comparasion pic of Angelina or Brad and Shiloh, Knox, or Viv, or Angelina and Brad with one of their parents or siblings. In that case, I will tell you who’s in the pictures, and you will get to guess who is who! Who knows, I may throw in a few surprises along the way! Anyway, click “more” to see the answer to last week’s “Who is This?”!

Who Is This?


It’s Angie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand! Doesn’t she look practically identical to Angie in this picture? Interestingly enough, in the full picture (I cropped it so it showed just her) she is holding a very young, cute Angie…Who looks a lot like Shiloh (in fact, she looks like she was also about Shiloh’s age in that picture!).