J-P News and Rumors

I’ve been on vacation the past three weeks, and during that time I saw some crazy tab rumors about the J-Ps. First, however, let’s talk about my favorite J-P-releated thing discovered on vacation: A cover story in PEOPLE, finally setting the record straight! Basically, it was an extenstion of the denial of the break-up rumors by the J-P’s rep. In a nutshell, they reitirated that all the break-up rumors are false.

As for the crazy tab “stories”….Thankfully, I only saw two (well, three, if you count a “Brad Pitt gets Naked!” blurb on the side of one tab cover, but that one just made me laugh because it just screamed “Extremely desperate tab!” to me!). One was a blurb on the side of a tab cover saying “Brad’s Vacation Alone”. Well, thanks to PittWatch and other reliable sites (including PEOPLE), we know that the J-Ps have been in LA for much of past month, and that Brad has not taken any vacations. Even if he HAD taken a mini-vacation alone, that hardly means he and Angie are splitting! The tabs need to realize that they aren’t glued or velcroed to each other!

The second one was even crazier: Lies and S&*t Weekly (a.k.a. Life and Style Weekly) recently claimed that the reason Angie has been “hiding” the twins and they’ve only been seen once in 100 some days is because they are “fragile”, and that now the J-Ps are enlisting the help of doctors to help the “fragile” babies. Here, in no particular order, my thoughts on it and the reasons it’s so crazy.

1. Why is it always Angie that gets blamed/accused of things? Also, up until this past month (June), it was primarily Brad who was watching the kids while Angie filmed Salt. Therefore, wouldn’t it really be BRAD who was “hiding” the twins?

2. They pulled this same crap when Shi was a baby…only they claimed Angie didn’t bring her out because she loved her less than her adopted siblings and basically ignored her. Obviously they can’t very well pull that with the twins, as not only are they not the only bio kids in the family, but Shi has been seen out in the past few months just as much as the other three “big” kids.

3. Have the tabs forgotten that we’ve barely seen ANY of the kids for at least the last six months?

4. Have the tabs completely forgotten the fact that Knox and Viv aren’t even a year old yet? Very likely, the main reason we haven’t seen them out and about since the airport pictures in late Jaunaury is because they are still BABIES! Plus, remember the complete circus it was in the videos of the J-Ps in the airport with all the kids? I wouldn’t want to expose my babies to that craziness, either!

5. Obviously the tabs have completely forgotten that Knox and Viv looked completely healthy in the airport pictures (they even posted two of those pictures on the cover, succesfully contridicting themselves!).

6. Why do the tabs insist on picking on two innocent little babies?!