My Favorite Jolie-Pitt Moments of ’09

As you may remember, at the end of 2008, I did a post about the highlights of the J-P’s year…and there were quite a few of them considering that Knox and Viv were born that year! 2009, however, was a much quieter year Jolie-Pitt news-wise. So, since there wasn’t that much actual J-P news this past year, I have decided to share with you my favorite J-P moments of 2009 in lieu of a full-blown “year in review” post. I’m also trying out a new format, with the pictures centered and the text below them instead of beside them, as it’s A LOT easier that way. Enjoy! 🙂 Click “More” to see the photos!

2009 started out on a fantastic note for Jolie-Pitt fans: At the end of January, Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt made their first appearence since their introductry photos in PEOPLE magazine! The then six-month-old cuties were spotted out with their parents and siblings at Narita airport in Japan (the J-Ps were in the country for Brad to do promitonal work for and attend the Japanese premire of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). A lot of people thought they looked just like Shiloh, but I was in the minority and thought that, while they DID resemble Shiloh at that age in some ways, they each had their own unique look about them. 🙂

Where did the baby girls go?! In early July, Angie was spotted taking Zahara and Shiloh to dance class. I couldn’t believe how big they were. All of a sudden, the baby girls were gone and in their place were two big girls! Also, how cute is Shiloh wearing soccer cleats to dance class?!

This is picture is from one of my favorite sets of pictures of the Jolie-Pitt boys from 2009. I late August, Angie, Brad, Maddox, and Pax were spotted picking up some new additions to the family in France….of the pet gerbil and fish variety, that is! Mad was also pictured holding a potted cactus in some of the pictures. A botanist in the making, perhaps? Anyway, what struck me about the pictures is how grown up the boys looked, particualrly Maddox, who had just turned 8. It’s hard to believe that big, grown-up boy was ever that tiny little 7-month old baby that Angelina adopted back in 2001! Pax also looked quite grown-up…and also like he was being bothered by either the bright sun or the paps (or possibly both!).

Who can’t love this picture? Miss Shiloh was seen shopping at Toys R Us with Angie, Pax, and Zahara in September, looking like quite the tomboy (and apparently into pirates) and sporting a missing tooth.

Who can forget this Jolie-Pitt moment of 2009? After close to nine very, very, VERY long months, Knox and Vivienne FINALLY made another public appearence. As expected, they had grown by leaps and bounds since the airport photos back in January. In another picture from the outing, it was clear that Viv is a mini-Angelina AND has pierced ears. 🙂

In early December, Jolie-Pitt fans were pleasently surprised to see Maddox accompanying his parents at the premire of the movie Invictus. This marked the first time we’d seen Mad at a movie premire since he joined Angie on the red carpet for the premire of her movie Shark Tale back in 2004. Doesn’t he look like such a little man in this picture?

I’d like to end this post with this picture of the J-Ps, taken right before Christmas. The family, minus Knox and Viv, was spotted at a Cafe in New York City. What I love about this set of pictures is that they couldn’t look more normal if they tried. What I mean by that is that they l0ok just like any other family you might see in a Cafe. There’s nothing at all about this picture that says “major celebrites”. 🙂 Well, who knows what’s in store for the J-Ps in 2010. Perhaps an addition to the family? 🙂