Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s New Hairstyle

I think most of us have seen the recent pictures of Brad, Zahara, and Shiloh clothes shopping in Paris, some of which show Shiloh with a new, short hair cut and what looks to be darker hair. Naturally, plenty of people are claiming that Angie (as usual, it’s only her that’s being criticized).  must have dyed her hair. While the Jolie-Pitts are certainly no strangers to allowing their kids to dye their hair (who can forget Maddox’s stylish blonde mohawks, the blonde streaks Pax sported around the time the twins were born, or the partially blue hairdo that Maddox rocked around the same time?), I don’t think they’ve dyed Shiloh’s hair. It’s not uncommon for blonde children to have their hair darken as they age, and there has been clear evidence even going back to last summer that this is the case with Shiloh. Here is a “hair timeline” of sorts, showing how Shi’s hair appears to simply be darkening naturally. Click “more” to see the “timeline”

Shiloh with Angelina in August 2009. You can clearly see that some brown is starting to creep into her hair. 🙂

Shiloh at a grocery store in France with her parents and big sister Zahara in late September 2009. Here again, you can see that Shi’s hair does not appear to be as light as it once was. This photo also shows some evidence that either Shi may have tried to cut her own hair, or one of her siblings did!

Shiloh out shopping with Angelina and Zahara in January 2010. Again, you can see that her hair appears to be darker than it once was. Also, this picture shows even clearer evidence that Shi or one of her siblings may have cut her hair (in otherwords, I’m thinking that Angie and Brad tried to see if her hair would even itself out on it’s own, but when it didn’t, took her to a salon to have it neatened up….hence her new hairdo!).

Shiloh’s new hairdo! If you really look at the photo, you can see that Shi’s hair is still blonde, but a darker shade. 🙂 So, now that I’ve shared this “timeline” I think it’s time for a poll!