Angelina Jolie’s Awww-inducing Comments on Shiloh’s Style

The tabloids have been pouncing all over it. Countless blogs have written articles about it. And everyone and their brother seems to have something to say about it. I’m talking, of course, about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s tomboy style. Unfourtnately, most of what’s been said is negative. A lot of people are saying that it’s wrong for Shiloh to be allowed to dress like a boy, and some people have even gone so far as to claim that Shiloh is actually being FORCED to dress like a boy. Of course, those same people also think it’s terrible that she now has short hair, and again, some have even gone so far as to claim that the haircut, like the tomboy clothes, was forced on her.

However, there is one person out there who has very recently spoken out about Shi’s style…..and doesn’t see a single thing wrong with: Shiloh’s mother, Angelina Jolie. Lately, as we all know, Angie has been doing the press rounds to promote her latest film, Salt. Of course, one of the things that the interviewers have asked her about is Shiloh’s style. True to the “open-book style”, as I call it, that she exhibits during most interviews, Angie has not been at all shy about responding to those questions, and has explained her four-year-old daughter’s style by saying “It’s not my choice. I have a very strong willed 4-year-old girl who tells me what she wants to wear and I let her be who she is.”

As for Shiloh’s short hair, it turns out that, just like with the clothes she wears, getting her hair cut was her choice. “”Shiloh cried and said, ‘Please cut my hair off, I don’t want to have long hair,” Angie told interviewers. She then explained “I’m not going to leave it long because somebody thinks I should. I want to do what’s in her heart and what’s in her heart is to dress like that. I think it’s beautiful.”

Well, you know what I think is even more beautiful than the style choices Shi makes? That she has a mother who allows her to make those decisions, allows her to be herself, and isn’t about to force her to be someone she’s not. But what’s most beautiful of all is that Shiloh has a mother who thinks that the way she expresses herself is beautiful. Now excuse me while I go melt into a puddle!