Lights, Camera, Vivienne!

Move over, Shiloh, there’s a new actress in the house! Five years ago, as most of us remember, the then ten-month-old had a cameo in her father Brad’s film, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Now her sister Vivienne is about to make her own silver-screen debut…in a minor role in her mother Angelina’s upcoming film, Maleficent. Per PEOPLE: “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s daughter, 4, landed her first Hollywood gig, Walt Disney Studios confirmed to PEOPLE on Wednesday in a statement. Jolie-Pitt will play the child version of Princess Aurora, opposite Jolie, in Maleficent, the live-action updated version of the classic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty.”

This shouldn’t be all that surprising to Jolie-Pitt fans, as Angelina said just last year that her youngest daughter is into all things “pink and girly”, including princesses. Not only that, but Viv herself has made that quite clear via her wardrobe, often dressing in pink, frilly, or otherwise “girly” clothes. Given that fact, I thought it would be very fitting to celebrate Miss Jolie-Pitt’s big news by taking a look back at some of her cutest outfits. The “style show” will begin below the cut!

Vivienne’s taste for all things feminine started at a very early age, as evidenced by this picture, from her and twin brother Knox’s first photoshoot, of her wearing a frilly nightgown.In her first year of life, Vivienne only appeared in public twice. But both sets of pictures proved to be worth the wait…especially the second one, in which the 14-month-old showed off some jewelry, in the form of a bracelet and earrings. Yes, that’s right, the youngest of the Jolie-Pitt girls was the first to have her ears pierced (her big sister Zahara followed suit in 2011)!

Continuing to show her love for bling, Vivenne sported a sequined top at the age of 19 months…along with her adorable earrings, of course!

19 months was also the age when Viv began showing off her thoughts about other people’s fashion. In this picture, she seems to be wondering why in the world her bodyguard would want to wear that silly purple shirt!

By the age of two, Viv’s style had evolved from baby-cute to toddler-chic….as evidenced by this picture of her in a very stylish blue dress!

Viv shows off her love of pink (note her bloomers and what appears to be pig toy!) while getting a taste of set life by visiting her daddy Brad at work!

While leaving New York with her parents and siblings, Viv sports a pretty pink tiara, showing the world that she is a princess-in-training!

By early 2011, we’d seen evidence that Viv is very girly, likes pink, and has a thing for princesses. And at an airport in New Orleans, she showed us a diva attitude to match!

While stepping out with her entire family in New Orleans, Viv showed us that she was a baby girl no longer, but one very adorable, stylish preschooler!

Pink-lover, princess-wannabe…and flower admirer? On a park outing with her father and brother Knox, Viv displayed a very floral look (her mother confirmed her love of flora only a few months later, saying that the youngest J0lie-Pitt enjoys picking flowers from the family’s garden and putting them in her hair).

Showing off perhaps her most princessy look yet, Viv wore a very frilly pink dress- and carried a Disney princess purse!- during an outing in the summer of 2011 (and yes, that’s Knox the ladybug behind her!).

While her family was in London, a burberry-clad Viv showed us that she’s mastered the skill of matching one’s outfits to one’s environment (along with the fact that one must, of course, accesorise with a stylin’ purse!)!

Getting on a plane is no excuse to forget fashion…at least according to Viv, who displayed some very unusual shoes at a Japanese airport!

Long, flowy white dress….Is Viv on her way to a wedding here? Nope (although her parents DID announce their engagement only a few months later!), just a shopping trip with her mother, twin brother, and grandmother!

There’s no place like home? On a walk with her mother, big sister Zahara, and big brother Pax, Viv displays a slightly more casual look, with one exception: Her Dorothy-like shoes! Within months, her role as young Princess Aurora was confirmed…something  that she will almost certainly pull of splendidly! Congratulations, Vivienne!