Jolie-Pitt Wedding Rumors: The Tabs need a Serious Reality Check!

As just about everyone and their brother knows, the tabs (and even some media websites) have, for the last several weeks, been consistently claiming that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to tie the knot in September at Château Miraval, their sprawling French estate. There’s just one problem: there’s plenty of evidence (whether words that have come from Brad or Angelina’s own mouths, words from other, reputable, NAMED sources’ mouths, or just plain common sense!) that contradicts that. Of course, the tabs are ignoring all of it, making themselves looking even more ridiculious than usual. So let’s take a look at some of that evidence  shall we?

  • If Angie and Brad got married at Miraval, it wouldn’t be legally binding. This is because French law requires all couples to get married at city hall. As a French official put it when asked by PEOPLE magazine: “It’s impossible [in France] for a couple to hold a civil ceremony at their own home”. Okay, so techinically nothing would prevent Angie and Brad from making it official at city hall and THEN having a big ceremony for their family and friends at Miraval. But doing that would probably tip off the media as to their intentions….something I doubt very much they’d want!


  • Anyone with half a brain can figure out that Angie and Brad would prefer that their big day be pap and media free (with the possible exception of a photo agency such as Getty that they hire to take some offical pictures to sell to magazines for charity). And in order to accomplish that, they’d have to marry at a location that wasn’t, at least at first glance, so glaringly obvious….pretty much ruling out Miraval (the media is so positive the nuptials will be taking place there, in fact, that a few photographers and reporters have been hanging out near the gates in the hopes of catching a glimpse of wedding activity!).


  • While at Cannes in May, Brad emphatically told reporters when asked that he and Angie “really, truly, have no date” set for their wedding. Could that have changed in the intervening two months? Certainly, but I doubt it. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t see Brad being that adamant about them not having a date if they really did or were close to locking one in.


  • When Brad’s rep confirmed the engagement news back in April, she said that it was “a promise for the future”. Now, granted, that could have meant anything from a few months to a few years, but to me that sounds like they were basically saying, “Relax, because we’re not planning to rush to the altar!”


  • Family members from both sides (namely Angie’s father Jon Voight and Brad’s brother Doug) have recently either said (Doug) or strongly implied (Jon) that they have no idea when Angie and Brad will be getting hitched. Seems pretty unlikely to me that the tabs rather than the Voight and Pitt families would be the first to know when the wedding was going to be!


  • Brad and Angie almost never do what the media expects them to. So with the media insistent that they’re marrying in France, we can almost rest assured that they aren’t! 😉

All in all, I think the media AND us fans need to calm down about Angie and Brad’s wedding. It will happen when it happens! In the meantime, let’s take some deep breaths and let them enjoy being engaged! 🙂