Angelina Talks Kids at Cannes

It’s that time of year again! Time for the Cannes Film Festival, that is. And after taking a year off, Angie and Brad are both back at the festival in full-force! Angie is doing promotion for Kung Fu Panda 2 this week, and Brad will do promotion for Tree of Life next week. Angie has already done some interviews, and as always, she was asked about the kids. First things first, she was asked about that 7th coordinate tattoo that we’ve all been curious about. She confirmed that, as many of us had already suspected, it’s the coordinates of Brad’s birthplace, Shawnee Oklahoma. The other buring question we’ve all had about the tattoo, of course, is whether Brad’s coordinates on Angie’s arm mean they’re done having kids.

Well, the answer seems to be not neccesarily! When asked about expanding the family, Angie said that it’s “not a possibility at this time”. So it sounds like Angie and Brad are still open to more kids, just not at this point in time. Angie also, of course, spoke at length about Kung Fu Panda 2, and said that Zahara and Shiloh in particular (she said “my girls”, but considering that she just said in another recent interview that she doesn’t know what exactly the twins think about KFP2 and that they are too young to “get it”, it’s a pretty safe bet that she was referring just to the two older girls.) really like her character Tigress, because she’s a “tough girl”.

Zee and Shi have Tigress dolls (and it sounds like they’ve had them for quite awhile, as Angie mentioned that the kids had Tigress dolls during the promo rounds of the first KFP. She also said that they called them “mom dolls” and that there was one big one that they kept putting diapers on!) among other KFP stuff. While the girls like Tigress, all four older Jolie-Pitt children like Po, and the oldest three relate to Po because he was adopted, just as they were. Angie said that the kids didn’t have any issues with the adoption aspect of the film, because adoption is something that’s talked about very openly in their home and words like “birth parents” and “orphanage” are “happy” words at their house.

Another thing Angie was asked is whether any of the kids are showing signs of wanting to be actors. She said no, and that she hopes they become writers or adventurers instead….but that she’ll probably end up with six actors! She also shared that she tries to tell them stories every night before bed. Angie may be one of the most famous and watched women in the world, but when it comes right down to it, she’s really not that different from a “regular” mom. AWWWWWWW!


Angie Talks Adoption

In an interview on The Today show, Angie spoke briefly about when the family plans to adopt their next child. When asked when and if she and Brad plan to add to their brood, she coyly responded, “I have something in mind.” She added that, “You can’t even start the process until any new children are six months old. It’s a smart thing…to understand when to bring another child in.”

Given her statement and when Pax arrived in the family after Shiloh’s birth, I’m guessing Jolie-Pitt kid number 7 will be added to the brood sometime around next November. I also predict that it will be another African girl. 🙂

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Angelina and Twin on Cover of W

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, we finally have the cover photo of the much-anticapted November issue of W Magazine, featuring photos of the Jolie-Pitt family, snapped by Brad himself! The cover shows an amazing, beautiful picture of Angie breastfeeding one of the twins. I don’t want to get into legal trouble by posting the cover image myself, so here’s the link to it: Angie on W Cover. Angie also spoke more about her family, both to W and the German version of Vanity Fair. The mom of six shared that dealing with jet-lag isn’t easy even for them! “After the flight from Europe [to New York], we were all suffering a bit from jetlag,” Angie told the German version of Vanity Fair. She added,  “Although we went to bed early, [the kids] were up at 4:30 a.m. goofing around.” Luckily for her, Brad stepped in! “Brad took care of things. He just said, ‘Go back to sleep, you have to work tomorrow’ and then went to the living room with the kids. He’s an amazing father: totally devoted.” Angie shared.

Angie also shared more about the twins. “When you look at them, it’s like they were made for each other,” Knox and Viv’s proud mother explained. “They smile at each other, sniff each other, touch each other. It’s just beautiful.” Angie went on to add that “”They already have completely different personalities. Knox is more the quiet one, very relaxed, while Viv is a little more aggressive and loud. It’s funny, Knox looks more like Brad and Viv more like me.”

The actress opened up even more to W, speaking in depth for the first time about how it was Brad who convinced her to have biological children. She shared:

“I think one of the life changing things that he did, one of many, is that I was absolutely never going to get pregnant. I never felt that it was the right thing to do. [But when I saw him with Maddox and Zahara,] I knew that he would never see them as different, and that gave me a certain peace.

I suppose I just looked at him and loved him and just felt open to [getting pregnant]. I suddenly wanted to. It’s one of those things you can’t explain. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. It taught me a lot about life, just the process of it, and now we have three other beautiful children that wouldn’t otherwise be here.” 

Source: PEOPLE

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